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Using the BACKWARD Long-Tail Cast-On

Susan Chastain demonstrates the BACKWARD Long-Tail Cast-On, and offers a pattern, the Rios Cowl, with the purchase of an exclusive kit available at Purl in the Pines.

Linen Stitch

In this video, Susan Chastain shows how to use the linen stitch, in both the American and Continental forms.

The linen stitch is used to knit the details in the exclusive Uluru and Sassy Sue Toddler Dress kits, both available right here!

Common and Unusual Decreases

In this video, Susan Chastain demonstrates several common and unusual decreases for use in the exclusive Leaf it to Me, Holey Summer Poncho, and Lacey Ponchette kits, all available here!

Casting on for Pointed and Scalloped Edges

In this video, Susan Chastain demonstrates how to space your stitches to improve blocking for pointed and scalloped edges in shawls, afghans, and more, using both the American and continental long-tail cast-on. You'll use this technique when you knit the Tri-Color Shawl kit, available here!

Braided Joins

In this video, Susan Chastain demonstrates how to create braided joins for linking different knitted panels to one another. Braided joins make a lovely interleaved appearance, and work beautifully on blankets, garments, neckwear, and more!