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 Cecilia Campochiaro is coming to Flagstaff!
August 6 & 7, 2022


For Cecelia Campochiaro, knitting was a causal pastime until she had an ah-ha moment in 2010 and realized that interesting textured fabrics could be created by the simple repetition of a sequence of stitches. This idea continued to evolve and Cecelia appeared on the knitting scene in 2015 with her debut book, Sequence Knitting, a beautiful reference book about a mindful approach to knitting. In the years since Sequence Knitting debuted, Cecelia has continued to develop new ideas in knitting.

Sequence Knitting focuses on texture, and her new book, Making Marls, is about color. In Making Marls, the technique of working multiple strands together as one is explored as a way to create color work in hand knitting.

Not only is Cecelia interested in the arts and knitting, but also in books. Books have been the primary mechanism for knowledge transfer for over a thousand years. One of her missions is to honor that tradition and create books that are both informative, and also beautiful objects in and of themselves. Makers love beautiful things, and Cecelia feels strongly that books should be as lovely as tools and yarns.Today she is fully dedicated to the fiber world and "unventing" new ways to make amazing knit fabrics.

Cecelia lives in Silicon Valley, where for many years she developed specialized microscopes used in computer chip manufacturing. Textiles, photography, and the arts have been a lifelong passion running in parallel with her technical life.

We are offering two wonderful days' worth of quality interaction with Cecelia. Choose one, the other, or indulge yourself with both:

Saturday, August 6: Marls Workshop
 This all-day class is an introduction to working with multiple strands held together as one, aka marling to do color-work. This class is a mix of lecture and hands-on play. You will get a chance to make some micro swatches and see how these are used to plan out a project using marls as a kind of color-work. The class is suitable for knitters of all levels ranging from advanced beginner to experts. Students should be able to knit, purl, cast on, and bind off. Ito Kinu and Sensai will be provided for in-class swatching. You should bring sharp-tipped metal needles in US3 (3.25) and US4 (3.5 mm) sizes.

Sunday August 7: Sequence Knitting Workshop
Sequence knitting is a wonderful way to knit, especially if you want reversible textured fabrics that usually lay flat. The morning will be an introduction to sequence knitting where you will make a small swatch using three different techniques. In the afternoon you will learn about three easy sequence knitting shawls: Anywhere, Conversing, and Careful. These are three sequence knitting shawls ideal for social knitting. We’ll swatch all three patterns and talk about yarn and color choices to make them your own. The class is suitable for knitters of all levels ranging from advanced beginner to experts. Students should be able to knit, purl, cast on, bind off, increase, and decrease. Materials needed: 1 ball of smooth yarn in a solid color in a weight you like and appropriately sized needles, which is usually a US8 (5 mm) for worsted, a US6 (4 mm) for DK, a US4 (3.5 mm) for sport, and a US2.5 (3.0 mm) for fingering.

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